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Unique Content

All content we write is unique to you

Search Engine Friendly

We write our content in a search engine friendly manner

Increase Leads

Well written content is proven to increase leads

Writing good content for your website that is written to help generate sales or leads and is also search engine friendly can be time-consuming and difficult unless you have a flair for that sort of thing. For this reason, we are asked by many of our clients to write content for their website on their behalf. 

We can create the initial content for your site for the key product and service pages and also provide on-going content updates to your site in the form of articles, case studies or blogs. 

How it works

We will initially discuss the content you'd like us to create, so we have an understanding of the message or key selling point you want to convey. From this, we will research the subject matter further if necessary and then produce the first draft for you to review. We will then take on board any feedback and produce the final version. 

In cases where we regularly create blogs for clients, we research and suggest subjects for future blog posts as well.

How much does copy-writing cost?

The cost for copy-writing depends on the number of pages/subjects and the number of words required per page. In addition to writing the copy we will also discuss whether any images are required to supplement the text on the page, and if required we can provide high-quality images from our trusted source. 


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